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Devron GLF

Green Living Fence

Green Living Fence

Our Green Living Fence is a ready-made hedge consisting of a steel grid completely intertwined and covered with climbing plants. The hedge is grown in a biodegradable container made from coconut fibres. After preparing the soil for plantings, place the hedge directly into the ground. Posts and brackets ensure solid anchoring of the fence. For posts, choose a universal bracket; for wall mounting, a wall bracket.


  • Instant privacy and greenery result
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Contributes to biodiversity
  • Contributes to a healthy environment
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces fine dust with 40 - 60%
  • Contributes to the greening of urban areas (construction sites, event happenings, etc.) 


  • Social return
  • Fully grown
  • High-quality fencing
  • Available in different heights and types
  • Certified sustainable production
  • Plants require little care thanks to water reservoir
  • Can be planted throughout the year, except during frost periods

Green Living Fence Fact Sheet

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