Established in 1998, Devron Sales Ltd. is committed to providing our valued customers with quality and innovation.

DevronGLF was officially established in 2015. Our team noticed a shift in the industries we were involved in and knew moving towards sustainability and increasing awareness through education relating to biodiversity was an important step in growing as environmental stewards.

Growing and distributing innovative products emphasizes the importance of Carbon reduction and being sustainable in relation to the horticultural, construction, drainage and environmental industries. Keeping abreast with exceptional customer service, relations through dedication, integrity and professionalism.

As a leader in the Green industry, Devron strives to partner with associations, businesses and educators to enhance the awareness of a healthy work environment. We will achieve this by providing products such as Green Living Fences, Live Walls and Live Pictures throughout North America.

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2022 was a year of Commitment, Quality, Change, and Growth. 2023 we continue
this Commitment.

On January 1st, 2015 Devron Sales became involved in the day to day operation of the Green Living Fences in the Niagara Region. At that time Devron started the process of reviewing the marketing, planning, distribution and selling the Green Living Fences. As a result of the success with the Green Living Fence program on their trip to the Netherlands in November of 2016, Devron Sales were awarded the rights to distribute, represent and sell the Live Picture and Live Panel in North America.

Devron Sales Ltd. is actively involved and supports local associations in the horticultural sector such as Landscape Ontario (L.O.), CAGBG, USGBC, and Interior Landscape Association.

As a leader in the Green Industry, Devron Sales strives to partner and work with associations, businesses and educators to enhance and grow the awareness of a healthy work environment. We achieve this by providing products that will create an environment for increased productivity and health.

What About Live Pictures?

From our success with the Green Living Fences, we have received the opportunity to promote the innovative line of live wall products in North America, the Live Picture. As small as a Live Picture GO for residential applications all the way to a complete living wall system matching your specific blueprint.

Brand New Addition!

In 2019, we introduced the Hanging Baskets London Planters with our first introductory pilot study in a Southern Ontario municipality, with the success of this project we are now spanning out across Canada and moving into the USA with this exciting, cost saving product.

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