Green Living Fence Case Study

Green Living Fence Case Study

Project Overview

The Carmelites, a Roman Catholic Religious Order, came to the Falls in 1875. The first residence for the Carmelites was a simple farmhouse on the side of the escarpment across from the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace, overlooking Niagara Falls. This building was demolished around 1935 to make way for Portage Road. Construction on the present Monastery building began in 1894. The original purpose was to serve as a hospice and retreat center.

Looking to add a touch of greenery to their historic grounds, the director of Mount Carmel in partnership with Lincoln Landscape reached out to Devron to find the perfect solution.

The Challenge

The Challenge of the site was too find a product that required no waiting and provided an instant result on the day of installation. Being in a very visible location of a busy Niagara Falls core, this new fence will be the first glance people get when looking at Mount Carmel as they drive down the street. Aesthetics was of huge importance to the project.

The Solution

Seeing how there was a need for fencing on the Stanley avenue side of the building, it was a no-brainer to choose our Green Living Fences as the perfect product for the job. Even during the installation, multiple residents made the point to add their feedback, indicating how the fences were adding an extra touch of beauty to the site.

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